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As 2023 begins, it appears that the global economy is settling into a new regime which can be characterized by restrictive monetary policy to combat the most significant episode of inflation seen in 40 years, geopolitical instability on multiple fronts, and a sharp reversal towards de-globalization.

Investment Opportunities in Cryptocurrencies

Investment Opportunities in Cryptocurrencies

We’ve come a long way in the world of cryptocurrencies since the Bitcoin whitepaper* and its subsequent feat of mathematical and technological brilliance was released. Created by the anonymous, Satoshi Nakamoto in the wake of the Great Financial Crisis, this technology has challenged our conceptions of currency, investment, and sovereignty.

Consensus Building in the NPL Space


Opportunity Unfolding in Europe: One advantage of managing a portfolio of multiple hedge funds is that it gives us insight into the thinking of some smart investors as we spend a lot of time talking to a lot of different hedge fund managers. From time to time, we see an interesting consensus build around a […]