Tim Rolls

Asset Manager


Tim Rolls – Asset Manager – Tim manages preparation around the REAC inspection as well as manages large capital improvement projection ongoing at the infinity sites.

He was born in Brooklyn, NY and has over 25 years of experience in multi- family repair and renovation projects including 18 years of experience with HUD, REAC, AHA and UFAS procedures. Timothy relocated to Atlanta in July of 2004 and became a Uniform Physical Condition Standards Inspector (UPCS/REAC) for an Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) management division PMCO. Over the years he has completed over 4,000 unit inspections and over 650 site inspections. Bringing properties back into compliance and reversing negative scores on properties in several states. He has dealt closely with the Housing Authorities throughout the states and with the regulatory requirements used by DCA, Tax Credit and Section 8 for Property quality and safety. Among his inspection duties were Property Physical Needs Assessments, Due Diligence information gathering and assessment, Property Acquisitions, Scope writing, cost estimating and contract procurement, for Tax credit, Public housing and Conventional properties.

Timothy has earned certification in REAC from SAHMA, Pool (CPO)certification, from NSPF, OSHA training and Universal type EPA certification.